The beginning of TLS was from the repair article of the surfboard.
Shonan was the center of the surf scene in Japan of 1998. TLS was born led by Satoshi Sekino in the ground of Kamakura that was known as the core area in that. Satoshi Sekino is one of the most famous surfers in Japan, he was awarded a prize of "Men's most improved" from ASP in 1986. TLS are made from the know-how about the surfboard gear obtained from such an experience of his own, feedback of many support riders representing Japan, and furthermore a general surfer's opinion is reflected on goods. It is because it is the brand of the surfer, by the surfer, for the surfer.

Global brand development started back in 2008. We started sale in Australia, TLS achieved the further evolution by making the WCT surfer ADAM MELLING a rider. Moreover, his activity on severe tour is proving the height of our goods level. Our products has been satisfying the Japanese user who was strict with quality. King of pipe. A big name in North shore, Jamie O’Brien into our TLS team riders in 2013. His signature pad has been released in 2014.

We think that the surfers in the world are certainly satisfied with our products are made from Japanese surfer's original idea and feedback from professionals, We promise to provide the highest surfboard gear to the all surfers in the world.